3 Icelandic Skincare Secrets Everyone Needs to Know About

Revive lackluster skin with these hidden gems

Iceland is known for its surreal beauty, but did you know Icelandic skin care is also world famous?

You might know about the Blue Lagoon, the acclaimed geothermal spa that carries the same-name skincare line. However, you might not know that Iceland is also home to some of the world’s smartest skincare habits.

I’ve met Icelandic women whose skin glowed well into their 50s, and I marveled at their flawless complexions. I even wondered if there was some mystery mineral in the water. Whatever their secret was, I had to know. So I did some research, and here’s what I discovered.

Secret #1: Icelandic skin care is a science.

Icelandic skin care is rooted in both tradition and science. For instance, Bioeffect, a top-selling Icelandic skincare line, has the data to back it.

Bioeffect EGF Serum, $165

Bioeffect serum is an Icelandic skin care secret that is top shelf.
Bioeffect EGF Serum

Developed by researchers and scientists, Bioeffect EGF serum transforms your skin. Now, youthful skin can be yours in two to three months for $165 per bottle. This award-winning serum isn’t cheap, but it’s packed with seven natural ingredients your skin will love.

For instance, Bioeffect contains Barley EGF, a potent natural compound that plumps skin, boosts collagen production, smooths wrinkles, and helps skin retain its moisture. In addition, this serum rewinds the clock, erasing up to five years from your face, some fans say.

The serum isn’t cheap, but long-time fans swear it’s worth the splurge.

“It’s worth every penny!” says Gina Sinclair, a 45-year-old substitute teacher from Denver who began using this serum after visiting Iceland. “Seeing how [Icelandic women] took care of their skin inspired me to take care of my own.”

And Gina’s skin inspires me. Seriously. Her skin has transformed since I saw her four months ago. Now, her cheeks have a healthy flush, and her skin looks lit from within, as though she just returned from a wellness spa or a ski trip.

Secret #2: There really is something in the water. Icelandic skin care relies on geothermal baths to rejuvenate the body and mind.

The Blue Lagoon and other geothermal spas are staples of Icelandic skin care
Geothermal spa Iceland, Frank Denney / Unsplash

Blue Lagoon and Mývatn are two geothermal spas whose skincare lines have amassed a cult following in recent years. Praised for their skin-healing powers, geothermal baths contain minerals that calm inflammation, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin ailments. Sulfur and other minerals revive lackluster skin, improve texture and tone, smooth fine lines, and hydrate.

The combination of heat and minerals boosts circulation to produce an enviable glow. Another benefit? Geothermal baths improve sleep and reduce stress, which also helps skin, researchers say.

Now, you can enjoy the Blue Lagoon at home. The Silica Mud Mask and Lava Scrub Mask are two top-sellers from the Blue Lagoon line. Unfortunately, both masks fly off shelves, so don’t be surprised if they’re out of stock.

Blue Lagoon Silica Mud Mask: Deep Cleanse and Strengthen, $49

Blue Lagoon is an Icelandic skin care line that carries products infused with skin-revitalizing minerals

The silica mask has become one of my favorites. It’s safe for sensitive skin, so you can use it as often as you’d like. Some weeks, I use it daily, but I recommend following the instructions and waiting a few weeks to determine what works best for your skin.

One of my favorite tricks is to prep the skin with steam first. Before you apply the mask, drape a warm washcloth over your face for a few minutes. The heat opens pores, helping skin absorb the ingredients.

Next, apply the silica mask and wait 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse with warm water or a washcloth and, voilà. Your skin will amaze you.

Afterward, follow with a dab of rose oil and a skin-plumping hyaluronic serum. Then wait five minutes before you apply moisturizer and sunscreen.

Lava Scrub Mask: Exfoliate and Renew, $49

The lava scrub comes straight from the Icelandic volcanoes, with gentle exfoliants to slough off dead skin and reveal a younger, fresher you.

Blue Lagoon, a staple of Icelandic skincare



Mývatn is one Icelandic skincare line that offers affordable products for all skin types. The facial cream contains Icelandic herbs and nutrients to moisturize skin, smooth fine lines, and even skin tone in just four weeks.

Mývatn Facial Cream, €38/ $45 USD

Mývatn Facial Cream

Secret #3: Homegrown ingredients are the key.

Soley Organics and Skyn Iceland are two Icelandic skincare lines made with homegrown plants and herbs to improve skin clarity, texture, and radiance.

Soley Organics is a family-run operation whose recipes have been passed down for generations. Unfortunately, Soley no longer ships overseas. Now, U.S. customers must purchase products from Soley’s Amazon shop, which only sells hair products for now.

Skyn Iceland is a staple of Icelandic skin care
Skyn Iceland Hydro Cooling Firming Eye Gels

In the U.S., however, Skyn Iceland has gone mainstream. The Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels are a best-seller at just $18. Made with hexapeptide technology, Hydro Cool Gels are easy to use and work best when chilled.

The cold blasts tired eyes awake, making you look alert no matter how exhausted you feel.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it: glowing skin comes from science, nature, and the Blue Lagoon. Plus, geothermal spas may heal the mind and body. So, borrow these Icelandic skincare secrets, and keep your skin glowing well into your golden years. Your skin will thank you later.

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