Troll Peninsula: See Why Everyone’s Flocking to This Icelandic Hotspot

Head to northern Iceland for heli-skiing and other unique adventures.

Iceland tops many bucket lists with its surreal beauty and fairytale landscapes. Here, tangerine-flamed volcanoes stand against black sand beaches, and majestic waterfalls cascade from basalt cliffs. Every snapshot mesmerizes.

And Iceland’s Troll Peninsula is no exception.

Although once a rare international travel destination, the Troll Peninsula has become northern Iceland’s latest hotspot. Now, travelers are flocking to Deplar Farm, the region’s new five-star resort, to enjoy heli-skiing, horseback riding, and Iceland’s finest dining under the northern lights.

Deplar Farm: Northern Iceland’s Five-Star Escape

Deplar Farm Resort and Spa / John Miller

Tucked in a remote corner of the Fljót Valley, Deplar Farm sits on a former sheep farm, where it overlooks the region’s fjords and rivers.

However, don’t be fooled by the rural setting. Deplar Farm offers a cornucopia of amenities sure to satisfy discerning tourists. The resort boasts yoga studios, fitness rooms, two helipads, and a full-service spa fit for the glamorous and skin-conscious globetrotter.

But that’s not all.

Lacheev / Getty Images via

Deplar Farm also offers kayaking, heli-skiing, mountain biking, cycling, and other adventures for intrepid travelers.

But if you identify as more of an indoors person, you might want to pass on the mountain biking and head to the spa instead.

There, you’ll find a beauty guru’s paradise: hot-stone facials, magic mud wraps, and Icelandic kelp masks delivered daily from nature straight to you.

Afterward, head to the heated indoor/outdoor pool or the Viking sauna. The sauna is the perfect way to relax after your outdoor or indoor adventures. Better yet, the Viking sauna also promises a front-row view of the northern lights.


So, now that you’ve lined up your heli-skiing lessons and mud wraps, you’re probably wondering what to pack. Well, prepare for chilly weather because northern Iceland receives some of the heaviest snowfall on Earth, according to one Deplar Farm spokesperson.

You’ll want to prepare for cool temperatures year-round, but pack extra warm layers if you visit during winter. Leave the sandals and sundresses at home, and pack your gloves and sweaters.

Despite the cold weather, there are some perks to traveling during winter. For instance, the Polar Nights begin mid-winter, also the best time to see the northern lights. Prices are also lowest before the winter holidays, so you might want to consider that while planning your trip.

Balazs Busznyak / Unsplash

Final Thoughts

Like the rest of Iceland, the Troll Peninsula promises adventure no matter when you visit. However you spend your trip, you’ll create memories to last for life, and you’ll return home with spectacular photos to share with friends.

However, remember to pack your warm clothes because you’re going to need them.

Now, safe travels, and stay well!

Visit Icelandair’s website for the latest Covid-19 travel updates and restrictions.

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