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Adventures in Dubai: Discover Private Islands and Other 7 Star Surprises Here

Enjoy endless adventures at Dubai’s world-renowned luxury hotel.

Head to Dubai’s Burj Al Arab Hotel for a one-of-a-kind adventure. Here, seven star surprises abound: islands rimmed with designer beaches, lobbies swathed in Swarovski and gold leaf, and fleets of chauffeured Rolls Royce limousines.

But as a guest, you’ll enjoy many other amenities.

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You’ll also find yourself surrounded by seven-star companions. Since 1999, the Burj has served the world’s elite, from oil tycoons and investment bankers to golf pros and Kardashians. And with its royal service, the five-star Burj has earned a reputation as the world’s only seven-star hotel. As a result, legions of A-list guests flock to the Burj each year.

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Seven-Star Experience

But as many guests have noted, the Burj’s seven-star reputation also extends to its design. At 1,053 feet tall (321 meters), the Jumeirah-run Burj is the world’s seventh tallest hotel and Dubai’s seventeenth tallest building. The Burj Hotel is also one of the world’s most expensive, costing $1 billion (€8.47 million) to build.

But with its sleek sail shape and designer-beach landscape, the Burj embodies cutting-edge architecture and design, says Jumeirah. Every detail—from the 590-foot atrium to the 24-karat-gold elevators—was crafted to perfection, Jumeirah says.

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When you arrive, you’ll notice this keen attention to detail inside and out. As you tour the grounds, you’ll find man-made beaches, infinity pools and five-star restaurants and spas.

You can also book a Hammam at the Talise Spa, which offers sweeping city and sea views from the hotel’s eighteenth floor. Afterward, hire a 15-minute helicopter tour if you have another $2,700 (€2,287) to spare. Then, complete your tour with a helipad landing.

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This isn’t your usual helipad, though. This multipurpose structure converts into a golf green, a tennis court, and even a concert arena. This feature alone has drawn many celebrity guests, including athletes and musicians. According to Business Insider, Tiger Woods, David Guetta, and Andre Agassi have all made appearances.

But the helipad isn’t all that attracts celebrity guests. Just wait until you step inside.

When you enter the Burj, you’ll discover luxury on another level. You’ll find an interior draped in over 19,000 square feet (1,790 square meters) of gold leaf, Jumeirah says, along with flooring made from the same Statuario marble as Michelangelo’s David. Then, stroll past the tiered marble fountains laced with gold and see the golden elevators and revolving doors.

Keep walking, and you’ll find Junsui, a five-star restaurant modeled after the Milky Way. There, you’ll find the world’s largest Swarovski ceiling, made from over 20,000 crystals, Jumeirah says. Visit at night; you’ll feel like you’re dining under the stars.

Seven-Star Guest Amenities

As a guest, you’ll enjoy many amenities. For instance, all guest rooms are suites, but if you’re feeling bold, you can upgrade to the 8,000-square-foot Royal Suite for $24,000 per night.

Then, head to your room, and you’ll find other perks. Duck-feather bedding, customized pillows, and Hermès lotions are a few luxuries on the list.

As if that weren’t enough, you’ll also enjoy 24-hour butler service, which you can arrange from your 24-karat-gold iPad. So, summon the butler if you’re feeling lazy. He’ll draw you a bath and leave strawberries, champagne, and caviar by your Jacuzzi tub, so you won’t have to reach too far.

Al Mahara: Simulated Deep-Sea Dining

After your bath, get ready for dinner at Al Mahara, the best seafood around, fans say. Run by Michelin-starred chef Nathan Outlaw, Al Mahara serves seafood in simulated deep-sea surroundings. To reach the restaurant, board a mock submarine, which pretends to whisk you to the ocean’s floor in three minutes.

Inside, a golden tunnel opens into the dining space, where an aquarium covers one wall and casts an ambient blue light that mimics the deep sea. You’ll feel like you’re dining with the barracuda.

However, some guests struggle to enjoy their seafood next to the aquarium. So, feel free to request a seat by the door if you prefer.

Then, when you’re ready, open the menu and explore the savory seafood (or veggie) items. Try the salted sea bass or the tiger prawns topped with lemon butter, followed by toffee pudding. Or splurge on the seven-course chef’s menu with wine pairing.

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Final Thoughts

Next time you visit Dubai, head to the Burj Al Arab Hotel and the Al Mahara. With the Burj’s seven-star service and entertainment, you’ll create memories to last a lifetime.

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